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Tony is master carpenter

H Renovations

carpentry work in a restaurant The best part of the experience with Northcliffe Homes was the level of commitment that Tony has. He is a very passionate person with deep knowledge of his trade,i was very glad that he had the time to help me with the restaurant. He was able to use materials i had previusly purchased . at the end of the day tony is the guy thats gonna get the job done right,i would recommend him to a friend.

York Location Sep 26, 2008

Northcliffe Homes is Top Notch Framer!

Charles & Stephanie in Ajax

Home extension Northcliffe Homes helped make our dream a reality without the added stress that most contractors add. Tony was professional and a pleasure to work with. We have recommended him to friends and neighbours and will work with him again in the future!

York Location Oct 05, 2008

Northcliffe Homes save the day

Cadd Concepts

Roof Framing It was a fluke that I met Tony and I am glad I ran into him. I called him on a tuesday and he came into work on a sunday. I needed someone to frame a small roof for me and they were great! Great workmanship and a great bunch of guys. I would and will use their services again in the near future.

Todd Burke
Cadd Concepts.

York Location Nov 17, 2008

Very Professional

Zara Kitchen Concepts

Complete framing Great workmanship and very professional crew. Northecliffe Homes was on schedule and always showed up even when it rained. They are dedicated to there work and highly experienced.

Highly recommended.....

Zara Design Concepts

York Location Dec 05, 2008

Solved the problem and then some


Boxed Bay Windows A couple of months ago I undertook the process of building a new house at which point I was approached by Tony about the possibility of Northcliffe Homes doing the framing. Tony provided me with a quotation which I did not go with because I found someone for much cheaper. Little did I know at the time but that was a really poor decision.

Four weeks into the project, after I was told it would only take two to three tops, the other company walked off the job and left it unfinished. During the time the other carpenters were working Tony would occasionally drive by as he was working in the area and much to my surprise he even stopped in a couple of times to see how things were going. It was rare to see someone remain so helpful even though I didn’t give him the job. I decided to call Tony back and ask if he could please bail me out of a mess and finish the job as other trades were scheduled to start ASAP. He agreed to help me out and not only that but he came in on Saturday and Sunday to work on his days off and would fix other issues he saw even if they were not in his scope of work. His punctuality is flawless, professionalism is impeccable and quality of work is immaculate. It was a breath of fresh air to work with someone who treats you with total respect and carries himself in a classy and professional manner.

Essentially there is one way to sum up how I feel about Northcliffe Homes, if you want to nickel-and-dime a project and try to save a couple of bucks then hire someone else knowing full well that you will have to monitor there work whole heartedly. However if you want to hire someone, give them the plans, and basically never show up again until the job is complete, then hire Northcliffe Homes and rest assured the job will get done exactly how and when it was quoted you. Because mine sure did.

York Location Dec 06, 2008

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